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Once, around five thousand years ago, 

There was great King named Yudhishthira. One day a poor man reached King Yudhishtira. King was also called Dharmaraja, because he strictly followed the path of virtue. The poor man asked the king for some help in some matter. 

Yudhishtira said, "Come tomorrow, I will give you what you want. Right now I am quite busy." 

Yudhishtira's brother Bhimasena, king's brother, listened this conversation and at once ran to the top of the palace, a place where a huge bell was hanging. This bell was rung only when there was any great victory or emergency situations. Bhimasena straight away violently rang the bell. It created great surprise everywhere, as the ringing of the bell was sudden and people inside the palace and outside the palace did not know of any function or victory. They all came out to know the reason. The king Yudhishtira was also surprised. He was informed that Bhimasena had rung the bell. Bhimasena was summoned and king asked him for an explanation. 

Bhimsena replied, "Its a great day. My brother king Yudhishthira have gained a great victory today, victory over death for twenty-four hours at least. You have asked that man to come tomorrow, saying that you would give him what he wanted. It means that till tomorrow You are not going to die till tomorrow- which is indeed a triumph over death. 

So this is a great victory." Yudhishtira was awakened. He felt embarrassed. At the same time he called the poor man back, helped him as he wanted and sent him away without making him wait for the next day.  

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