Sunday, January 15, 2017

Emotional Strength: A Story

One day on the roof of a twenty floor building, a man was about to jump. He was just gathering the courage for making a suicide. At that moment, a small girl came there and saw that this man was about to kill himself. Out of fear she shouted, 'Hey what are you doing?' The man was suddenly taken back by that childish sound and his effort to jump was halted. He thought that the people of this world are so bad that they would also not allow him to die peacefully. He shouted back at the girl, 'What are you doing here?'
The girl answered, 'Sorry Sir! I just came to see some sunshine.'
The man sais, 'Go back! There is no sunshine.'
The girl protested, 'But look! there is great sunshine all around.'
The man said with a sigh, 'You will not understand. You are too young for that.'
Girl is really young. So she asked, 'Yes sir you are right I don't understand. But, will you be so kind that you explain to me what you meant. After that you can jump, I will not stop you.'
Man thought that it was no a bad idea to have some chat with the girl. Any way she was not stopping him from the suicide. One hour before or later, it didn't matter. So he agreed. Now both were sitting on the roof top for the next one hour. The girl was telling by her limited experience how the life was beautiful and exciting; while the man told how the life was not worth living, and all happiness the girl knew was simply an illusion.
What happened after one hour?

This story can have four possible endings:
1. The man still jumped
2. He changed the mind
3. The girl changed the mind and jumped with him
4. They both simply changed their places i.e. the girl got so depressed that she jumped from the roof and man did find some hope and happiness.

Four possible endings of one small story. Depending on what? Depending on who was stronger. Not physically of course. But also not mentally. Not by logic or reason, as by reasons nothing can be explained to anyone or everything can be explained by logic. It depended on who was stronger emotionally. If girl was a true source of happiness and hope, then man's sadness and depression can't affect her. Rather she would overpower that man's negative emotions. But if the girl is only behaving happily she might be overpowered by the man's negativity.

The great masters distributed the peace and happiness in the whole world but they they themselves were not affected by the negative emotions of the whole world. This detachment is Yoga. This consistency is called Yoga

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