Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Is Yoga A Religion

Many people are confused thinking if Yoga is a religion or not. There are quite a number of people who wish to learn yogic practices but they are struggling with the dilemma if by learning they will violate their own religious faiths. Above all some people wonder that if by learning yoga they will become Hindus. So I decided to clarify this in this blog. Yoga is strictly a spiritual practice and not a religion in any manner. How come? First we need to understand that there is a big difference in religion and spirituality. In the following lines you can understand that:

Religions are fighting or better say that religious people are fighting, attacking others in the name of religion. Let me tell you those religious people have nothing to do with personal development or spiritual progress. They are simply increasing their numbers because they are scared. In all religions, you will find people who are afraid of God. Afraid of God? A spiritual man can't even understand that. Is this God of yours such a dangerous creature? If yes, then why do you have a devil? They both are created by religions for inspiring fear. 'You need to be loving the God' spirituality would claim. There is no need to fear and inspire fear in each other. If its not enough, then in religions we created the idea of heaven and hell. Heaven  a place for all pleasures and satisfying your lust. Pleasures that we can't achieve in this world are promised in heaven. Then hell for the all sort of punishments. Either follow my religion or be ready to go to the hell. Our hell, where you will be punished. Means, we are led either by greed or fear. You can impose your religious faith on others claiming that only they are right. Everything else can't be right in the first place. It can be my way or My way. Its very easy to look like a religious person but its so very difficult to be a  spiritual person.

Spirituality or spiritual values are the set of those characteristics that help the holistic development of a human being. Being spiritual means a person is developing on physical, mental, social, emotional and soul level. These values can be numerous and there is no restriction on how many a person must be taking at any given moment. Spirituality is the backbone of any and every religion. It is very much possible that a person is spiritual and doesn't follow any religion; and other way a person can be religious but devoid of any spiritual progress. You can follow any spiritual practices irrespective of your own religious faith. Spirituality doesn't have any reason to increase its number by forcing anyone. Spiritual values are never in danger and never attack anyone. They can't be imposed on others. How can you force a person follow your spiritual practices? And why would anyone do that? You can't be a fanatic if you are religious. You will never listen that someone was 'fanatic Yogi'. Idea is not say that Yoga or any other spiritual practice is better than any religion; rather idea here is that one can practice yoga as a true spiritual practice without any fear of your losing your religious faith.

Note: Religion is not a bad thing in the first place. How religion is helpful, in my views, I will discuss in the next blog.

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