Saturday, January 21, 2017

Potato and Onion Got Married

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Its a funny story that has great spiritual meaning behind that.
One day the Potato was married with Onion. Potato was the handsome boy and onion was the beautiful girl. So after their honeymoon all the vegetables went to potato and started teasing him. They asked, 'So how was that? What did you do?'. The poor Potato was quite embarrassed. He answered, 'I really don't know. All night I was removing the veil of the bride, and in the middle of the night the bride disappeared. So after that I was all alone in my honeymoon.' Poor potato was removing the layers of the onion and this way whole onion was lost.
Spiritual practitioner is that Potato and pure consciousness or soul or God is that Onion. We all are looking the methods to meet the bride (or soul). All spiritual practices and Yogic practices are just the methods of removing the layers of the onion and then subject finds none other than himself. He finds no God outside of him. This we called Union or Oneness. Master explained it by saying, 'You are That.'

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  1. Thank you for posting these stories! It puts me right back in class with you!