Thursday, January 12, 2017

Yoga and After Life Theory

As such yoga is not selling any idea of 'life after death' like any other religion. Yoga doesn't promise any life in heaven or hell just because you have done something in the present life. The idea of heaven is very attractive and inspires someone to do good things, so that he can enjoy his life after death among beautiful women and all other pleasures. But isn't it that people are doing good things only for their greed of heaven and heavenly pleasures? And some religions are manipulating their followers for doing various terrible things in the greed of heaven and virgin beauties waiting their. Or are they not afraid of hell and their own devil? So where is the transformation in goodness? Where is the learning of spiritual values? Only fear or greed is what we get in this idea of life after death. But Yoga is different. When we say about reincarnation or Karma or Sanskaara, it is putting the responsibilities on the shoulders of the people. Its like saying, 'look what ever you are doing, you'll get the consequences of the same. What you are getting now is the result of your actions. So use your heads and do good things and learn good things so you always walk on to it like a habit.' Further this idea is also consoling the practitioners that their progress is not lost in next life. If you can't finish your journey, then also your progress is saved and in the next life (if there is one, and you are comfortable with this idea) you will start from the same place. What ever goodness is earned is yours. Your good habits and spiritual values are not going to leave you even after death. 

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