Monday, February 27, 2017

Concept of Mind in Yoga Vashishtha

The Vasistha Maha Ramayana is the earliest Indian Philosophical work of the highest order on Vedanata. It is a monumental work wherein Sri Vasistha, the great sage, taight the principle of Vedanta to his royal pupil Rama, the victor of Ravana and hero of the epic Ramayana. A study of this work raises any person to the lofty heights of divine awareness and splendour. Those who practise Atma-Chintana or Brahmabhyasa or Vedantic meditation will find in this marvelous work, a priceless treasure. Even the most worldly-minded person will become dispassionate and will attain peace of mind, solace and consolation by a study of this book. The practical hints n Sadhana are unique.
Yoga Vaishtha is a comprehensive, deep, systematic and literary philosophical work of ancient India. It embodies in itself the science of ontology, the  knowledge of the Self, the principles of psychology, the science of emotion, the tenets of ethics and practical morality, discourses on theology, etc. According to this work, the world of our experience with various objects, time, space and laws is a creation of the mind, i.e.,Idea or Kalpana.
Mind is endowed with creative power. Just as objects are created by the mind in the dream, so also everything is created by the mind in the  waking state also. Expansion of the mind is Sankalpa. Sankalpa, through its power of differentiation generates this universe. Time and space are mental creation only.Through the play of the mind in objects nearness seems to be a great distance and vice versa. Through the force of the mind a Klapa is regarded as a moment and vice versa. A moment of waking experience may be experienced  as years in the dream. The mind can have the experience of miles within a short span and miles can also be experienced as a span only. Mind is the cause of bondage and liberation .
The mind manifest itself as the external world in the shape of pains or pleasures. The mind subjectively is consciousness. Obectively it is this universe. The mind attains through its enemy of discrimination the quiescent state of Parabrahman. The Sankalpas and Vasanas or subtle desires,which you generate enmesh you as in net. The Self-light or Parabrahman alone is , appearing as the mind or this universe.
Only those person who are without Atmic enquiry will see as real this world which is nothing but of the nature of Sankalpa,mind. The expansion of this mind alone is Sankalpa. Sankalpa,through its power of differentiation, generates this universe. Extinction of Sankalpas alone is Moksha.
This impure mind which is filled with excessive delusion and a host of worldly thoughts, is the real enemy of the Atman. There is no other vessel on this earth to wade through the ocean of rebirth than the  mastry of the anatagonistic mind. Destroy this mind to its roots, by the fire of the Knowledge of the Self. This is the essence of Yoga Vasishtha.

 The  conception of mind in the philosophy of Vasishtha is most rational, most dynamic, and truer than any presented in Western or Eastern psychology. It satisfies the latest conclusions on modern science, modern psychology, modern theories of philosophic thought. In cpmparison with the wonderful psychology Yoga Vasishtha present us, the whole of the contemporary Western psychology looks so very valueless for a practical grasp of the nature and the powers of the human Mind, For a resolution of all problems of life, which are brought to being by the mind alone, for the perfection of human life possible only a mastery and conquest of the Mind.

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