Friday, February 10, 2017

Jealousy: How to Remove That

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Jealousy is one of the most common vice we suffer from. It’s wrong, everybody says, but how do you avoid it? No one knows. It is so natural that even after we deny it repeatedly, we do accept its existence in the hearts. Jealousy grows silently in a very subtle manner so that we sometimes don’t notice it until it starts burning us from inside. They say in English that jealousy arises from the lack of confidence in yourself. Really? But then I saw that many very confident people are suffering from jealousy. I myself found that there was jealousy in my heart even when I was confident about myself in all respects. One thing is important here to note. People are always seen jealous of good things or good fortune.  People feel jealous of someone’s beauty, riches, talent, skills, fortunes, comforts wisdom. The good thing about the jealousy is that people can admit it if they want or dare. They do it. They say that I am jealous of your sweet voice or your new car. But there is something interesting about jealousy. Invariably each time, we are jealous of a person lot better than us in one or other things. I never saw anyone jealous of someone’s misfortune. Nobody says that I am jealous to see your poverty or I am jealous to see that you are so bad looking.  In reality the jealousy is an appreciation in disguise. If you are jealous of someone, then in reality you appreciate him. Same way if people are jealous of you then you must be good at something. All sort of jealousy in reality are the appreciation, but repressed appreciation. The root cause of jealousy is the failure of a generous appreciation. If somehow we fail to appreciate something openly, the repression of it turns into jealousy. The warmth of the appreciation, that you can enjoy and share with the person whom you appreciate, if repressed becomes the fire and starts burning us. That’s why jealousy burns us from inside. Here lies the secret of busting the jealousy, heartfelt and generous appreciation.

Note: This piece is taken from the upcoming book named 'The Joystick' of Dr. Gaurav Agrawal

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