Thursday, March 30, 2017

Why Yoga Booking Portal

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One can ask what is the need of a yoga portal while there are so many schools and their website already there. So we decided to tell the need and benefits of such a website. 
Here at YBP we try to make sure that everybody in the world can get an experience of these yoga retreats, and get chances to make their lives better at very affordable prices. This also should be at the places of their own choice. One traditional way of finding the yoga retreats and courses is to check on Internet and check the different schools at different places on Google. But there is always a risk. You may not find what you are looking. For, many good schools never get the proper representation on Google but they are damn good. So at we decided to bring all these schools together and let the students and schools to come on the same platform. This way they both can interact and students can meet the master. Masters can know the disciples. There are different kind of people and they may have different needs. So one should have a choice to choose and select. Here at you will find all these schools offering different kind of yoga like Iyengar yoga, Ashtanaga Yoga, Power Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Flow yoga, Vinyasa, Raja, Meditation, Kriya in one place. Many of these schools bring some promotions for limited times on their various TTC courses and yoga retreats. We also provide discount on select schools at times which is available only here. It is not just a booking website but it is a place where lifelong connections are created. We wish to serve all the yoga aspirants with full devotion and from the core of our heart at the same time we wish to help the schools to grow spread the light of Yoga in whole world.
The various yoga schools also are immensely benefited by associating with Schools are also able to showcase their courses and services to the potential customers at one place. This way they get more potential inquiries without shelling a great amount of money on google adwords. So come and join, and together we will spread the light of yoga in the whole world.